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Disaster Management System
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    Welcome to the Disaster Management System project web site.  This project is currently developing software that will aid emergency responders in managing a disaster scene.  Agencies currently have methods of tracking their own resources, but when several agencies respond to an incident, there is no efficient communication of what resources are being utilized.  Having civilian volunteers and contractors at the incident location compounds the problem.  Currently, many resources are tracked using pen and paper.  This leads to management and security problems.

    Our application is trying to change that.  We will provide a complete software package that can manage all resources at a disaster scene, including people, equipment and vehicles.  Later on, the application will be expanded to include GIS information, as well as missing persons, shift and logistic management.

    Anyone is welcome to join our development effort. If you are a computer programmer, or are interested in programming, please feel free to join. Getting started is simple. If you do not already have a SourceForge account, you can create one at http://sourceforge.net. All you need to do then is e-mail me at disastersrvcs@hotmail.com. I will add you to the project, and send you more details on how to participate, and what needs to be done.

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Last modified: October 22, 2001